Hard Work is not a problem with this twenty−four yr. old Jacksonville, Florida resident. Moving around and living in different states as a youngster has given this Hip−Hop rapper a dynamic versatile style. Keep a good eye on this kid because he has big things heading his way in the near future. His latest project titled “It’s Always Sunny in Florida” has over 2000+ downloads and his single “Mike Wallace” (Over Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow) has over 77,000 hits on YouTube.

Born in Pittsburgh, P.A., he had dreams of becoming a star but wasn’t sure what route he wanted to take. His supportive mother Marian and father Jeff always told him he could do whatever he wanted to do as long as he put his mind to it. Listening to these words of wisdom High−Atis set out on a journey to discover his true talent. He attended Catawba College to play football and study Physical Education. This allowed him to get in the studio and record songs in his spare time. In that studio he worked with several friends who also rap and produce beats, they released a mix tape titled: S.A.P. H1N1 where he went under the name T.A. Shortly after that he realized his true talent was in music and wanted to pursue his possible career in the business. Going under the name High−Atis which “Atis” was a nickname his closest friends in college called him and the clever combination using “High” to give the sound of the word “hiatus” and an important meaning. “I feel like my name means more than just something that sounds cool, a hiatus is when you take a break from something that you are doing and I feel like my music is the break that people need to get away from all the drugs, guns, etc… talk that most rappers make songs about these days. I have never been involved with any of that and I speak on things I know and what I do, so I would say you’re getting a hiatus from the other BS you listen too.” – High−Atis.

His last project titled “It's Always Sunny in Florida” was a great breakthrough mix tape which features several different types of styles of music getting him noticed by lots of different people. Now graduated from Catawba College here in 2011 with his Bachelor’s Degree, he is currently in Jacksonville, FL working on music. His new mix tape titled: “Steal the Show” which release date was August 3rd is a great mix of his growth and development as an artist. He is also working on expanding his “Sky Crew” clothing. It’s going to be an interesting to see what he has next in store. “I can assure you one thing” High−Atis says, “I am here to stay!”

Independent Artist Spotlight

Mateo “El Flako”

The new era of Reggaetón has begun and Mateo is leading the way. Mateo has come from living on the streets with nothing except for a plastic bag with a bible and a few clothes. To presently being a CEO of his own company (Taíno Entretenimiento, LLC). His lyrics in his music are all from his life. Mateo prides himself on being truthful with his music, not imitating nor copying anyone else. The reality is that his music is not reggaetón, it's the start of a whole new genre. Being Cuban-American, Mateo, has grown up listening to Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and more recently Reggaetón. These have highly given influence to the sounds of the music that he makes. He claims such influences as Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Fulanito, Frank Reyes, Pitbull, Big Pun, and Tupac. Mateo is taking all of these influences and putting together great positive music. Being quoted saying, "Yo no hago música pa' ser rico ni famoso, yo la hago porque es mi pasión de mi corazón. Quiero que la gente se disfruten de la que hacía yo", Mateo keeps moving forward...